Franciscan Mystery Players of Blackwood, New Jersey

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Deacon Robert Foley
10 Grant Ct
Laurel Springs, NJ 08021

Welcome to the FRANCISCAN MYSTERY PLAYERS OF OUR LADY OF HOPE PARISH IN BLACKWOOD, NJ. We are located in southern New Jersey near Camden and only 15 minutes from Philadelphia across the Delaware River.

Our group presents, JESUS THE HEALER, "A Living Meditation on Healing". It deals with the whole area of human suffering, physical, psychological, and spiritual. Many churches today have Healing Services in their parishes once or twice a year. Through the living meditation on healing events in Jesusª life this mystery play promises to be a very powerful vehicle and instrument of Healing for those who come to pray with us.

"JESUS THE HEALER" addresses head on the issues of chronic illness, terminal illness, broken relationships, painful memories from our past, loss of loved ones, grief, loneliness and death. It is certainly an intense mystery play and may not be for young children or people who are unable to deal with their suffering, but for those who want to come to Jesus and present their struggles to Him through this living prayer, it will be an opportunity and source of the Lordªs healing presence.

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