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Teresa Tarr


“THE SORROWFUL MYSTERIES” is a dramatic multi-media presentation of the SORROWFUL Mysteries of the Rosary. The Mystery Play is offered as a parish mission in Church sanctuaries and is a living meditation that offers an opportunity to contemplate with the Blessed Mother, the face of Christ. Written and directed by Father Francis Pompei, ofm, a Franciscan Friar, working in Buffalo, NY. The Mystery Play group is made up of 17 teenagers and 4 adults.
THE EVENING will consist of an opening prayer experience with your community, faith witnessing by members of our group and an introduction to the rosary. The evening will conclude with the Mystery Play meditation, “THE SORROWFUL MYSTERIES”. Through the use of special lighting, inspirational music, drama, soul-searching meditations, and rosary prayers, a person is able to get in touch with themselves; their goodness, struggles, and their sins. Then, in a very powerful way, it becomes a prayerful vehicle for the Lord's spirit to Forgive, Heal, and Renew."

Just like the Rosary, it is the kind of prayer and meditation that one can experience over and over again and each time walk away with something new.


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